Should We Let Ravaya Die a Natural Death?


There is a lot of talk about the present situation of Ravaya newspaper and its continuation with the financial difficulties it faces. There are stories saying that the paper would be bought by Milinda Moragoda in the same way the Sunday Leader was acquired by Asanga Seneviratne last year. Few weeks ago, Ravaya’s founding editor published an article explaining the situation of Ravaya from his perspective.

Whatever said and done, I don’t believe that Ravaya should die a natural death as some bloggers anticipate. Ravaya must be the only remaining alternative newspaper of the country and it is already doing a good job by targeting a special spectrum of readers. There are questions about its founding editor’s political biases but even with that, Ravaya is much better than other Sunday Newspapers that promote gossip, myth and fake patriotism.

I have enjoyed Ravaya since I was a schoolboy (when it was a magazine) since my Marxist eldest brother bought it on a regular basis. While educating us about the local and international politics, Ravaya also enhanced our knowledge in literature and current affairs too.

There will be not much use in Ravaya as a “news” paper anymore as we have already read around 90% of the Ravaya’s news items in the first page before Friday from other websites. But its columns and features are very valuable for us. Imagine the value of the paper for those folks who don’t read English and have no Internet.

I also don’t agree with some who say that market forces should decide of the existence of Ravaya. If that is the case, most of the libraries throughout the world would have been closed by now. Good things need support and subsidies to exist.

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