“COURAGE” – Nelson Mandela

Nanda Wanninayaka


“I had drawn this picture some 10 odd years ago with the intention of sending it to Mr. Nelson Mandela when I was a schoolboy and him, a prisoner.  But somehow or the other this picture went missing. Recently when I was searching for something else, i accidentally found this in one of my old files and thought of publishing it in THE HORIZON.

Enough has been said and written about Mr Mandela. So, I will conclude all his efforts in achieving his goal, the independence, in one word. ‘COURAGE.’

T B Nandasiri Wanninayaka

The Patron



Above article appeared in Horizon Journal which was published while at Saliyamala School, Mahavilachchiya  during the period of 1997-1999. I sent the same picture to  President H. E. Tabo Mbeki of the Republic of South Africa along with a covering letter requesting his office to send it to Mr Mandela. Surprisingly, the…

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