Bringing Rule of Law to Make the Country Better

Betel Stain

Betel Stain

When considered with most of the other nations in the region, Sri Lankans are more lawful (not everyone is a Pradesheeya Sabha member) and educated… er… at least we have a far better literacy rate. They can be made to obey the rules. We could see this when attempts were taken by the government to make the Colombo city clean. Everybody understood the importance of the cleanliness of the city and within weeks Colombo became clean. There was no much force used here. Only some creative advertising in the media helped clean the city. People got the message faster.

My problem is, when people are this cooperative, why doesn’t the government take the actions to correct other areas of concern? It doesn’t cost much money to the government to impose new rules and regulations for the betterment of the country.

My main concern is the road safety. Our drivers are very careless. So are the pedestrians. Many die and get injured each year due to road accidents. Government can easily implement the existing road rules with more force. We have a large police force that was recruited during war. Government can easily divert them for traffic branches of the police with necessary training and employ them to see who break the rules. Best thing to do is imposing fines for the wrongdoers. The government started imposing fines for those who don’t wear seat belts and people started wearing them within a short time. In the same way the government can impose heavy fines to those who use headlights at night, which is a very big reason for accidents. Same with the speeding. It would be very difficult to curb speeding, hence extensive measures are needed. All traffic offenses should be severely dealt with.

Another concern is spitting everywhere with betel stained spit. This makes everywhere very ugly. This should be immediately dealt with. I read in newspapers that a few of those who spat had been arrested and produced before courts and fined with minor fines. This is no good. The fines should be heavy so that they will think twice before chewing betel in public.

Beggars in all towns are another big issue. They should be dealt with too. I don’t have the capacity to recommend what to do with them. There should be ways that how other countries addressed such problems.

Pasting posters everywhere without any discipline also makes the towns ugly. There should be billboards to paste posters and those who break the rule should be punished.

None of the things I mentioned is difficult to do. One needs little courage to do these. You don’t need to wait till Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksha does these. He is already a busy man.


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