Sisters – Shobhaa De

Sisters – Shobhaa De

Sisters – Shobhaa De

After reading Strange Obsession written by Shobhaa De, I had decided not to read her again. But in 2011, the year I spent without a job and was ‘omnivorous’ in reading books De’s “Sisters” caught my eyes. Since there was nothing else to read, I started opening up the pages of the novel. As usual, there is a lot of sex in the book. Nobody minds sex if it fits the book and masterfully crafted by the author. But in De’s case she just throws sex without a sound reason. She just probes the readers’ pockets than minds.

In Sisters you meet two girls. One of them is Mallika (Mikki) while the other is Alisha. There is a lot of rivalry against each other as they are only half-sisters and Alisha is the illegitimate child of her father’s (Hirlal) extra marital relationship with another woman.

With the father’s untimely death, Mikki Hiralal all of a sudden becomes the proprietor of the sprawling Hiralal industrial empire. She abandons her studies in the USA and returns to Bombay, but finds out that her father’s business affairs in a total mess. Almost bankrupt, with a bunch of creditors from all sides she seeks help from Alisha, her half-sister. Unfortunately Alisha detests Mikki. The sisters share a love-hate relationship but towards the end they start to appreciate one another.

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