Groovy Greeks – Terry Deary

Groovy Greeks – Terry Deary

Groovy Greeks – Terry Deary

Groovy Greeks is not a big history book. But you can learn a lot than from a big book with this. It is just a kids’ book. It is part of the Horrible Histories series. Horrible Histories is a series of illustrated books published in the UK by Scholastic. This book is quite old. But can be found in Amazon. It is a book about the Greeks in a very funny way. I don’t think you will enjoy the history in any other book than this. This is such a powerful small booklet.  It is full of corny jokes.

Some facts are decontextualized to produce fun of learning history. That makes history much more fun and interesting than with conventional history books. You are learning about the ancient Greeks like Alexander, Socrates, Archimedes, Achilles, etc. here. The book is about all the intricacies of Greek civilization.

Greek children invented all manner of cool games just for doing something, and the grown-ups invented the Olympic Games and made the men run naked. Isn’t that funny?

The Greek believed in Greek gods like Zeus and Poseidon goddesses like Athena. They believed all gods and goddesses lived in Mount Olympus.

It is high time one of our writers had this approach to history. Good old Hingulwala Dissanayake can draw the illustrations. I wish if there is an investor for such a project. We have to go beyond the heights of Sybil Wettasinghe took the children’s books.


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