Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders Poster

Beyond Borders Poster

My friend in the USA, Thushara Wijeratna brought me a copy of the Beyond Borders when he visited me few years ago. If he brings a film it has to be good. He doesn’t select regular movies. When he chooses it is special.

The movie was released in 2003. It is a romantic-drama film about refugees and aid workers. The movie was directed by Martin Campbell and Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen play the two major roles.

beyond borders2


Due to strange reasons the film was critically and financially unsuccessful. The film’s marketing tagline was “In a place she didn’t belong, among people she never knew, she found a way to make a difference.”


Dr. Nick Callahan (Clive Owen) barges into a fundraising gala in London with an Ethiopian boy he smuggled into England. He tries to get the crowd’s attention for his humanitarian work in Ethiopia. Though he was taken out forcibly by the hotel security, Sarah Jordan (Angelina Jolie) is shocked about Dr. Callahan’s plea for aid. As she is immediately attracted to Dr. Callahan and his worthy cause, she travels to Dr. Callahan’s refugee camp in Ethiopia with truckloads of essential aid.


See the movie to see the rest of the story. I can’t imagine why this movie failed financially and critically. To my tastes, the film successfully addresses the lives of refugees and aid workers. Besides, both Owen and Jolie play their parts remarkably well.

Jolie promotes humanitarian relief in her real life too.

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Beyond Borders DVD cover

Beyond Borders DVD cover

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