The Whole Ten Yards

The Whole Ten Yards DVD Cover

The Whole Ten Yards DVD Cover

What do come into your mind when you hear about Bruce Wills? Guns, bombs, asteroids, what not? Have you ever heard of a comedy where Bruce Wills plays the lead role? Well, when he gets together with Matt Perry, it has to be a comedy.


The Whole Ten Yards is a 2004 American Comedy film directed by Howard Deutch and sequel to the 2000 film The Whole Nine Yards. The film stars Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Natasha Henstridge, and Kevin Pollak.

You don’t have to see the prequel to enjoy The Whole Ten Yards. I too watched the prequel only AFTER seeing the sequel. It will kindle your interest to see the prequel.


The Whole Ten Yards is such a comedy that you can’t stop laughing till the end of it. The story looks serious on the outset but with Perry’s continuous mishaps it becomes an excellent comic drama. The usually gun-wielding Wills has become a more than a comedian in these two movies and nobody expects him to be so hilarious.

A Scene from The Whole Ten Yards

A Scene from The Whole Ten Yards

The story is about a mafia clan trying to avenge the killing of Janni, the son of its leader, Lazlo Gogolak (Kevin Pollak). Jimmy Tudeski (Bruce Wills) is in hiding after committing the murder and his former neighbor and the husband of his ex-wife Nicholas “Oz” Ozeransky (Matthew Perry) is the only one who knows about Jimmy’s whereabouts. Lazlo’s clan kidnaps Oz’s pregnant wife and tries to get the information about Jimmy from him. Oz flees the scene and goes to meet Jimmy who is calmly perfecting his culinary skills with his wife. But with a GPS device fixed into Oz’s car, Lazlo and the men finds Jimmy’s whereabouts.

Buy the DVD to see the rest. It is worth your money. Movie is available in Colombo DVD parlors.

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