Coach Carter

Coach Carter Poster

Coach Carter Poster

The movie Coach Carter is based on a true story. The movie was released in 2005 and directed by Thomas Carter. Samuel L. Jackson portrays the character of Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter. Ken Carter made headlines in 1999 for benching his undefeated high school basketball team due to poor academic results. The students and the parents resisted his decision but he sacrificed the game for his students’ academic achievements.

Coach Ken Carter (Samuel Jackson) has played for his old school Richmond and has an unbeaten record. At the beginning of the film he takes over the head coaching job for the Oilers basketball team in the Richmond High. Carter soon understands that the basketball players lack respect and proper behavior hence starts to discipline them. He also offers individual contracts to his players and instructs them to attend all of their classes and maintain a respectable grade point average. Carter’s son Damien also later decides to join the team, after quitting the private school St. Francis to play for his father. Carter is against this decision at the beginning but later accepts but he gives no special attention to the son. He is punished the first day of his training at the new schools as he came 3 minutes late to the practices.

A scene from Coach Carter

A scene from Coach Carter

Though Carter tries his best to improve his players’ academic achievements his students neglect their studies and fall in troubles for selling drugs, impregnating girlfriends, ignoring Carter’s orders to come to practice on time, etc. Carter sees that he needs to take tough actions to discipline the players and soon find him on par with them to understand their lifestyles rather than just imposing rules. Some players learn how to behave still their grades in classes are not up to the expectations. Carter talks to the teachers and try to take remedial actions.

I hope I have increased enough curiosity in you to buy the DVD of the film. Samuel Jackson plays the role of Coach Carter brilliantly and if you are a sports film lover, you must watch this. The film exposes the reality of the black American youths’ lives and how they are dragged to crimes. Carter just wants to stop that and provide sufficient academic opportunities for his players as he sees it is the best way to prevent them falling into crime world.



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