Nokia Asha 501 and Nokia Care Center, Colombo

Nokia Asha 501

Nokia Asha 501

I happened to buy a Nokia Asha 501 dual SIM mobile phone as my previous Samsung Duos got stuck suddenly. There wasn’t any other decent option for me. Had there been a Samsung Duos I would have gone for that definitely but limited options in the shop made me buy the Nokia phone. I don’t say Nokia is bad. I have used two Nokia phones in the past and both worked perfectly well. But I prefer Samsung ever since I used Samsung Duos.

The problem with this Nokia unit is that it doesn’t allow me to copy my back up telephone numbers at once. I have to do it manually one by one. It is not nice when you don’t have such a simple option. The other thing is it allows me to use only two tones for two SIMs. Earlier I used different tones for different people who talked to me often.

The other main problem with this phone is that we can insert only small sized SIMs in it. I had to cut my two SIMs to suit to phone’s slots. I don’t know whose bright idea is it to introduce a smaller size SIM to the market. It doesn’t serve any purpose. The regular size is small enough. It is not as big as a credit card. So, everybody can use it without trouble. At a time we are struggling with different types of battery charges, earphones, this new small sized SIM has created another problem to the users. We expect all phone makers to design a common charger and common ear phone slot. But without achieving that now we have two sizes of SIMs. Once you start using a smaller sized SIM you cannot enter it to a regular sized SIM slot even at an emergency. You have to paste it to a regular sized SIM with sellotape and insert to the slot which is a risky thing to do.

Nokia Asha 501 comes with a free 4 GB memory card which is a plus point. Other than that I can’t say any single feature that attracts one to the phone. My advice to you is don’t buy Nokia Asha series. It is difficult to use and there is no special features that it offers you.

My Nokia phone started giving troubles from the moment I bought it and had to contact Nokia Care Center in Colombo. I gave several calls and all the calls went unanswered.  After trying for a whole day I finally caught one call center employee and she asked me to take the unit to them. Nokia Care Center is in Bambalapitiya, between Hutch headquarters and Mannapperuma Traders. They wanted to keep the phone to repair and offered me a spare phone to use. That was nice of them.

Nokia Care Center

Nokia Care Center

Once the phone is repaired they don’t call you. With other places like E-tel, they call you as soon as the phone is done with. Here you have to call and see if the phone is repaired. When inquired about this (not calling) from one of their Care Center employee, he explained that the system is updated after 24 hours and we have to wait till system is updated for the call center operators to call us. Technology is there to expedite things, not to slow down.

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