Is Vehicle Emission Test Certificate Necessary for New Vehicles?

Drivegreen Center

Drivegreen Center

My motorbike is exactly a year old. But when I checked with the Divisional Secretariat to renew my vehicle revenue license for the second year, I was told that I have to obtain a vehicle emission test certificate to get the license. I was surprised. Earlier they allowed a new motorbike to ride without the emission certificate for three years if I remember correctly.  But now you are expected to pass the emission test from the second year onwards. But my question is whether this is necessary. Even an Indian bike can run at least five years without any engine trouble. So, why ask for emission test for new bikes?

I don’t mind if this is for the government to increase its income. But we have to pay a third party company for doing the test for us. (There must be a certain percentage for the government as well.) But if the government takes our money through a tax the whole lot of money will go to the government tills. Why pay a third party company? Can someone explain me?


One thought on “Is Vehicle Emission Test Certificate Necessary for New Vehicles?

  1. The thing is actually government not need to test vehicle emission test correctly .they need only the increased income . I also faced sane thing . normally any new engine guaranteed at lest 5 year period without emitted harmful gases to the environment.


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