3 Idiots

3 Idiots Poster

3 Idiots Poster

I had heard a lot about the movie 3 Idiots and had the pleasure of watching the DVD of the movie a couple of days ago. Aamir Khan is an actor who is very fastidious about his selection of roles so this movie couldn’t go bad.

Right from the beginning of the movie, it hints that this movie is not going to be the typical Bollywood movie type. You are taken to a totally new world of an inside of an Indian engineering college. The life starts at the campus for the new students with ragging as usual. Then arrives Rancho who challenges everyone and does a big difference in the campus.

Throughout the movie you are constantly told that the existing education system that is mainly based on cramming books is not the answer to realities in life. You are reminded that the things should be taken out of the lecture room to the real world for better learning experiences. Rancho does exactly that.

But the college’s dean, nicknamed ViruS is very rigid and wants the age-old traditions to continue. He is very annoyed with Rancho and tries his best to separate Rancho’s two friends from him so that Rancho would be isolated. But that simply doesn’t work.
After some dramatic incidents outside the campus and inside of it Rancho finds himself in love with dean’s daughter Pia. This is a nightmare to the dean and he tries every attempt to stop the two uniting. But Pia is attracted more to Rancho as she admires his practical approaches to life.

Traditional bookworm, nicknamed as the Silencer tries to win the staff by always being bookish but he is humiliated in front of a big crowd in the campus as a result of Rancho’s mischievous antics.

After the graduation the students go on different directions and they meet once again after 10 years to see that all of them have prospered in life. The Silencer mocks at Rancho saying that the latter is just a schoolteacher whereas he, himself is a Vice President of an American company. But he later learns that it was Rancho who he has been looking for to sign a deal for the company’s future project. Everyone finds that Rancho had been living under a different name and is a big scientist with a lot of patents under his name.

Finally Silencer accepts defeat and sign Rancho as a business partner for his company.

The story tells us the drawbacks in the education system in India and the need of changing that to suit to the demands of the changing world.

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