Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is a world famous motivational and personal development self-help book written by Napoleon Hill. The book was published in 1937. By 2011, over 70 million copies of the book had been sold worldwide.

Hill repeatedly brings in success stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation to encourage the reader.

Hill believes that a person’s thoughts affect their success. So, you are expected to have positive thoughts all the time to achieve success. According to Hill, you have to have deep desire for success. There should be a specific plan to get to a specific goal. You should have a strong faith that the future will be good.

Hill stresses that you should keep repeating your success plan to yourself frequently. It should go to deep inside your heart. You should not have doubts about your plan. You have to get a specialized education apart from your regular education to be successful as you are expected to be an expert in your field.

Imagination is a key element for success. You should be able to take a vague idea and transform it into something concrete. There should be organized planning to go to your specific goal.

You have to make decisions as and when necessary. They should be firm decisions and you should be able to stick to them. Hill says that you should be persistent even during worst of times. Rather than giving up at obstacles, you should practice persistence.

According to Hill, you should be able to pick the minds of others for ideas. You should have reliable and smart people to seek advice when necessary. The book advises you to tap into your sex drive in order to drive yourself to further success.

You should not allow negative thoughts to invade your mind. You should train your mind to have only positive thoughts about your goals. You should train your brain to send nonverbal signals of positive ideas all the time.

Hill asks you to close your eyes and relax before taking a sensitive decision. A small meditation helps you to discover the best ideas. In the meantime, you should not allow fears of poverty, criticism, ill health, lost love, old age and death to distract you. They should not stand in the way when you strive for success.

For me, book helped a lot to rediscover myself. I had been an extremely productive person a couple of years ago. But due to an onslaught of problems that kept coming at me I lost the vigor I had. After reading Hills book I could reorganize myself and face the life positively.


4 thoughts on “Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

  1. Though i have seen this book for many times i hadn’t had a chance to go through it. But i could read the book series published by Mr Sumanadasa Samarasinghe under the name “Minis hithe haskam” and I can see more similarities in this book also according to your comments. This book series inspired me much and i still believe in his thoughts.


  2. Thanks for sharing the review, and I’m glad to see this book helped you get motivated again. Do you mind if I ask specifically what helped you “get your mojo back”, so to speak? Was it just the book as a whole, or was there something in there that changed things for you?


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