The Secret

The Secret DVD Cover

The Secret DVD Cover

The Secret is a 2006 documentary film by Rhonda Byrne. It consists of a series of interviews that tell us by continuous self-suggestions to ourselves, we can attract the things we need. Be it money, fame, love, etc., we ourselves can gain them by thinking positively. The film was followed by a book with the same name.

The film explains us the Law of Attraction. The universe has resources in abundance. It has enough for everybody. It doesn’t run out of resources. It is us who have the power to reach for them. If we strive for the things we need in the right way, they will come to us.

The film tells that most of the prominent people already know the concepts behind The Secret and the Law of Attraction but they don’t divulge them to the others. They fear that if everybody comes to know about them, they will have a stiff competition from others.

The people shown in the interviews are not that famous. There are quantum physicists, psychologists, metaphysicists, coaches, theologists, philosophers, etc. in the interviews. All of them tell us how their lives were changed after learning about the Law of Attraction.

I was given a copy of The Secret DVD by Nuwan Samaranayake, a Sri Lankan software engineer working in the United States. I did not watch it as soon as I got it. But when I faced a lot of challenges both personally and professionally I thought of watching the DVD.

The film helped me a lot to reorganize myself. It gave me hopes when there was nothing else to encourage me. I could focus on my future after watching it. Though there are a lot of criticisms about the film on the Internet, the film has helped a lot of people to change their thinking patterns.

When everything collapses around you, you need something to hang on. Some people seek help from religions. Some go for mystical powers. Some take refuge at superstitious beliefs. But The Secret helps you to look at things around you scientifically.

If you want to become rich you should start thinking like a rich person. You should behave like a rich person. You should eliminate the thoughts of poverty. Once you start thinking positively, the ways and means to become rich will appear automatically.

There are people who work hard still don’t succeed in life. There are some people who don’t work hard still become successful. The difference is with the thinking patterns. Your hard work will go in vain if you don’t think the right way. You should watch The Secret to change your thinking patterns for the better.

I recommend you to watch the film. Money spent on the film is an investment. It can help you immensely. If possible, try the book as well. You won’t regret the investment.

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