Realty Plaza, Ja Ela

Realty Plaza, Ja Ela

Realty Plaza, Ja Ela

Realty Plaza is the first and only shopping mall in Ja-Ela. This is built and operated by Ceylinco Group. This is quite new and spacious. (This was opened in 2007.) It has 4 floor levels. The place is not filled to its full capacity as few shops are yet to be occupied. The mall has a modern cinema, a branch of Sampath Bank, a food court, an Odel branch, a Mallika Hemachandra Jewelry branch, a good bookshop, a stockbroker, a few DVD shops, a few mobile phone shops, and various other shops and a kids’ play area. This is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

A DVD Shop

A DVD Shop

The building has a spacious parking area as a whole basement is spared for parking. You can park your motorbike in front of the building, but in the sun.

Realty Plaza is situated just opposite Domino’s Pizza and the Pizza Hut, on your left side if you are coming from Negombo/Airport side. This is a good place to rest for a while if you are on your way from the airport.

Hot Grill BBQ

Hot Grill BBQ

Food court is spacious and has a Roots fruit drink outlet, Hot Grill BBQ outlet and few other food outlets. Some opened food outlets and were forced to close them as the business was not that promising. Place becomes crowded only in the evenings and weekends. What I don’t like here is that food outlet people call you and say (Sir, please come here) from each outlet at the same time without giving you a chance to select where to go. I think this is done out of desperation. Maybe the shopping mall came little earlier than it should have come.

Kids' Play Area

Kids’ Play Area

Children’s area has kids’ play area and two game machines. One of them is a Terminator 2 game machine! Glad to see still Terminator is a hit during the days of Ben 10.

The fourth floor shop spaces are scarcely occupied yet and you can see young lovers who cannot afford a guest house room behaving rather indecently here. They are chased away from here time to time by the security but they always come back. I wish if they had a lovers’ paradise somewhere.



Cinemax cinema here belongs to EAP and top end Sinhala, English and Hindi movies come here. This is a better cinema than the close by old cinema Rathnawali which is outdated. I have never been to Rathnawali. Due to long runs Sidhdhartha Gauthama and Siri Perakum had we missed an English film for a long time.

Washroom area is little to be desired as the ceramic items are getting a lot of black scars and they need an immediate replacement but I have no idea when will that be done.

Realty Plaza is a fairly ok place for a small town like Ja-Ela. This is the only place for the youth to gather in Ja-Ela to kill time. In short, this is their version of ‘MC.’

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