Negombo Beach Park

A Catamaran in the Sea

A Catamaran in the Sea

Negombo Beach Park is a place to spend a cool evening or a sunny morning. The scenery of the rising sun or setting sun is beautiful from the Negombo beach. There are scores of people in the evenings here and busloads of local travelers also come to see this beautiful beach. Foreigners are hard to find in the Beach Park as they enjoy the beach from their respective hotels.

The Entrance to the Beach Park

The Entrance to the Beach Park

To reach the Beach Park you have to pass the first color lights after the Municipal Council when you come from Colombo – Puttalam road. The third color lights are at the Periyamulla Junction. Turn left and go along until you meet a two dolphins and a lobster made of concrete. Take the right turn from there and you see the board saying the Negombo Beach Park sponsored by Dialog.

Vehicle Park

Vehicle Park

Negombo Beach Park is well organized. They charge you a small fee to park your vehicle and there are enough parking spaces inside the Park. They have a kids’ corner too with some entertainment for children. But I didn’t see many children there as most of them prefer the beach.

Kids' Corner

Kids’ Corner

You can still see fishermen going to the sea in wooden catamarans. There are diesel boats as well but for the poor fisher folks have to be satisfied with what they have.

Mobile Food Stalls

Mobile Food Stalls

Like in the Galle Face and Mount Lavinia beaches, you will see kids flying kites here but not in big numbers. You also have enough stuff to eat with the mobile food sellers.

There are no beggars in the beach which is a great relief but you can find fortunetellers as they are not counted as beggars by the police. Police catch the beggars here.



There is a rock bund preventing the sea erosion and you can enjoy by climbing the rocks and expose yourself into the drizzle that erupts when the waves hit the rock bund. It is a nice feeling. But be careful those rocks are slippery due to the gathering moss.

People in the Beach

People in the Beach

Negombo beach is not the cleanest of the beaches in Sri Lanka but not that bad as well. It doesn’t stink. There is litter like empty plastic water bottles, biscuit packet covers but they seem to be collected daily and there are no heaps of litter that are collecting every day.

This is a good place for lovers as well to enjoy the beach but there is no room for being naughty as there is no pandanus bush shade to cover them.

Negombo Town

Do you know that Negombo is the fourth largest city in Sri Lanka after Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna? It was a surprise for me too. Negombo is known for its huge and old fishing industry with busy fish markets, and nice sandy beaches. It is one of the most liberal cities in Sri Lanka with modern life style and its nightlife in luxury hotels, guest houses, finest restaurants and pubs. People in the area, mostly Catholics welcome the modern lifestyle. Most of the hotels are along the beach line.

Negombo lagoon

Negombo Lagoon is a large estuarine lagoon in Sri Lanka. A number of small rivers and canals bring water to Negombo lagoon. The lagoon is linked to the sea by a narrow channel to the north, near Negombo city. Lagoon is surrounded by densely populated region. There are extensive mangrove swamps that attract a wide variety of water birds like cormorants, herons, egrets, gulls, terns and other shorebirds. There is some fishing in the Negombo lagoon as this is a good area to catch prawns.

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