The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama

The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama

The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is a rare politician who can write well. More than just writing, he achieves a perfection of authenticity that others will even never think of dreaming. After listening to Barack Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father, I immediately listened to his second audio book, The Audacity of Hope. It was an evenly interesting book and I listened to it several times.

Barack Obama, then a junior U. S. Senator from Illinois propelled to national prominence at the 2004 Democratic Convention after he delivered a compelling keynote address entitled ‘The Audacity of Hope.’ He was propelled to sudden fame within those 20 minutes and analysts predicted that he may be positioned to enter a future presidential race.

The book stresses the need of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans in national issues. Rather than embarking on party politics, the two parties should work together in sensitive issues the USA faces, he believes.

In the Prologue, Obama outlines a brief summary of his decade-long political career. Obama moved to Chicago after law school and started working as a community organizer in the city’s poor African American neighborhoods. He also continued teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Chapter 1 is about Republicans and Democrats. In here, Obama describes how he ended up as an Illinois senator through a quite unusual campaign. He stresses the need of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans in the issues that affect the general public while adhering to their respective party values. Chapter 2 covers Values. Here Obama talks of preventing to fall in ill will, bribery or corruption. He also stresses the need of compromise among the political opponents to benefit the nation. Chapter 3 is about the Constitution. Here he talks of necessary constitutional amendments and the bad use of filibustering. Politics is the main theme in Chapter 4. Obama explains as to why the politicians should not vow their loyalty to any special interest groups. Chapter 5 is named Opportunity. This is about U.S. economy and its inability to safeguard the country’s poor, oppressed and marginalized communities. Chapter 6 is about Faith. Obama recounts his own journey from atheism to Catholic faith. Chapter 7’s focus is the Race. He talks about racial inequality in the country bringing in examples from his own racial heritage coming from a mixed marriage. Chapter 8 is dedicated to The World Beyond Our Borders. Here he talks of international diplomacy, defense strategy and world affairs. Chapter 9 which is on Family could be the most interesting of all chapters. Here he talks of his own family life. In the Epilogue, he expresses the gratitude at the attention and accolades that his sudden fame has afforded him at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

In the book, Obama describes his journey of politics to the state senate, the press conferences he had which nobody came, his ideas about how the USA’s economics should take shape, how the unity of Americans should be achieved, concerns about the changes in education and teachers’ welfare, health insurance, etc.

Obama criticizes George W. Bush for entangling in an unnecessary war in Iraq and its consequences.

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