Nihal Ekanayaka is in need of a B+ or AB kidney

Nihal Ekanayaka

Nihal Ekanayaka

Nihal Ekanayaka is 54-year-old farmer from Mahawilachchiya, Anuradhapura. He was a hard working farmer and served his family of 5 daughters by cultivating his paddy land for all these long years. He earned a name as a fierce volleyball dasher when he was young. All his daughters are also very talented in sports. Three of them are married now.

Few years ago he had some severe back pains and when contacted a doctor, he was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) which is prevalent in the North Central Province. Now he is confined to his house with tubes inserted into his body and has to go to Anuradhapura hospital which is 45 kilometers away every four days to perform dialysis on his kidneys. If he misses this once, that would be the end of him.

If there is a donor who has B+ or AB blood types who is willing to donate one kidney for him, he will survive. Otherwise he will have to expect a bitter end to his life. If any of you think are willing to help him, please contact him on 025-5715548. My blood type is B+ but I cannot donate a kidney as I am a diabetic. Otherwise I would have given it to him without a second thought.


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