Motorcycle Journeys – From Anuradhapura to Padaviya with Bike Rider Gamini Akmeemana

Nanda Wanninayaka with Gamini Akmeemana
Nanda Wanninayaka with Gamini Akmeemana

I am a motorbike lover. I like to ride long distances. The longest distance I have ridden is from Mahawilachchiya to Kahathuduwa, Piliyandala via Colombo. I have ridden between Colombo and Mahawilachchiya many a time. Road is very good via Puttalam and it is fun to speed up along the road. The other long trip I made was to Gomarankadawala, Trincomalee with my nephew and it was unforgettable because we were drenched in the torrential rain on our way back. Most exciting tour was the one I went to Talawakele from Badulla with my newly married wife in 2006. My most recent long trip was to Padavi – Sri Pura from Anuradhapura for a meeting. I often ride to Kanagarayankulam in Vavunia too. The bike trip I went to Welioya with the journalist Gamini AKmeemana was memorable because he rode a very old Honda CB 200 (6 Sri 7517) and I rode a brand new Bajaj Pulsar 180 and still Gamini was way ahead of me with his old machine. I think more than the bike model, he knows right techniques in bike riding. That night we stayed in a hut in a small farm just below the Padaviya wewa with a farmer friend of Gamini. That was in 2005. It was fun riding with Gamini but I never got a second chance with him.

5 thoughts on “Motorcycle Journeys – From Anuradhapura to Padaviya with Bike Rider Gamini Akmeemana

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  3. I thank you for uploading the Padawiya Hike article. In 2005 that bikehike article caught my eye and the rest was history. I had all papercuttings and Jeyatharshan, another bike enthusiast took those and I have to bring those back. Still I could not go and see him and his Vespa. Certain domestic commitments keeps me from visiting Eliot Place. Hope to go there someday soon. Regards. Rat.



  4. have been to Gomarankadawala, area. Is it near Nilaweli. There was a sinhala vidyalaya way back in 1979 when we went on a trip there. I heard that the school was flattened by LTTE . Later I heard that it is still there. Have you seen that place, very close to Nilaveli beach? That was our first trip after A/Ls. We didn’t travel on bikes though. We were hosted by the principal of that school who happened to be the father of one of our friends. Wonderful kind people Mr.& Mrs Ambalangodage!
    I still feel the warmth of their company. Tamil neighbours brought fish to them upon hearing that they had visitors ( we ). Problems were brewing at that time but never thought that it would go so out of hand. Thank you for bringing back those memories. May you find the strength and time to visit many unknown places. Please be descriptive about these places, ( About bikes we hear a lot all the time, about real people and places less so )


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