Gota or Sajith? – The Agony of Choice – Part VI – LEGACY

Nanda Wanninayaka   

Jokers (and jerks – including Mr. Anura Dissanayaka) apart, there are two mainstream candidates in the run-up to the presidential election on November 16, 2019. Well, whether you like it or not, it is Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa (GR) and Mr. Sajith Premadasa (SP) who are the frontrunners for the contest and the others are just vote spoilers.

In these few articles, I am comparing and contrasting the two persons in question in 10 areas of concerns in alphabetical order. This post deals with the LEGACY of the two candidates. Read Gota or Sajith? – The Agony of Choice – Part V – EXPERIENCE for the previous post.  The next area, MINORITY SUPPORT the of the two candidates, would be dealt with in the Gota or Sajith? – The Agony of Choice – Part VII)


Well, a presidential hopeful’s legacy is going to play a vital role not only in Sri Lankan politics but in most of the countries in the subcontinent as well. Bandaranaike’s, Senanayake’s and Rajapaksas in Sri Lanka, Gandhis in India and Bhuttos in Pakistan, are good examples of this. Political dynasties have played a role elsewhere, even in the developed world as well. The Bushes in the USA and the Pitts in the UK are a few to mention.


Gota comes from a very affluent political dynasty in the Down South of Sri Lanka which has a long history by producing MPs, a Speaker of the House, ministers, a prime minister and an executive president (Mahinda Rajapaksa) as well. The family is far from the Colombo elite but has been enjoying enough power and the public support and amassed wealth to fight any challenge in the political sphere. And the main thing is Rajapaksa family is a very united family and will go to any length to save if and when someone in the clan is in trouble.


Being a late president’s son is the only legacy Sajith has been left with. Being just a father’s son won’t take him much longer if he doesn’t believe in himself rather than his father who was assassinated some 25 years ago. The present-day generation hardly knows about Premadasa Senior and even if some of them do, it is mostly for the wrong reasons. The late President Ranasinghe Premadasa (RP) had started as a member of the Colombo Municipal Council and, with a lot of resistance from his own party, just managed to end up being the second executive president of Sri Lanka. But the Premadasas is by no means a long political dynasty as yet. It is difficult to believe they would have one in the future too.

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