Mr. President’s First Month in Office – 1 – Making of a CEO to run “Sri Lanka Incorporated”

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Earlier, I strongly believed that Sri Lanka had to elect a benevolent dictator who uses extreme powers to take Sri Lanka to the right track out of the present quagmire it is in but now I feel that Sri Lanka has to run like how a modern private corporation is run by a capable Chief Executive Officer. (My role model in the Sri Lankan corporate sector is my former boss Mr. Dian Gomes who was a group director of the famous MAS Holdings conglomerate and I am glad that the President has appointed him as one of the members of a special panel to select capable heads to government bodies in Sri Lanka.) So, I believe the President is on the right track and we should give him enough time to bring things under control.

Everybody expected the President to be an undemocratic tyrant from day one but he has disappointed them largely with the delicate way he handles things. Some of his much-admired initiatives could be done with a little or no additional cost incurred to the state treasury and one might think why (the hell) his predecessors, including his own brother who ran two presidential terms didn’t even think of doing these. Not hanging the President’s, Prime Minister’s and the relevant Minister’s photos in government institutions and hanging only the National Emblem of Sri Lanka instead, enacting the relevant authorities to ensure the cleanliness in the country, not naming the roads with politicians’ names, not spending public money for festivals, etc. did not cost much or any money. Maybe, I reiterate maybe, being in the army for over 20 years and being an American citizen for 7 years might have taught him these basic disciplines and decorum the country desperately needs. Still, let’s keep in mind the good old idiom “a new broom sweeps clean” and ensure that he continues the good initiatives in the long run too. 🙂

Contrary to our beliefs as an easily provocable person, Mr. President shows a great deal of composure in everything he does up to now since his taking oaths as the President. I can remember how harsh he was when he was the Secretary to the Ministry of Defense and Urban Development during war time and even after that. Maybe the occasion demanded to be so during that volatile era.

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