Mr. President’s First Month in Office – 3 – Suicidal Tax Cuts and Reductions

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

I am not an economist so we will have to wait and see how the recent tax reductions could help the economy in the long run. This is a gamble the new president is indulging in and the gamble should have a meaning beyond the forthcoming general and provincial council elections. But like everyone else, I too smell a rat here as Sri Lanka does not have a stable economy to tolerate such huge tax cuts and reductions at a time like this.

Another good thing that has happened is that the horrific underworld activities have been reduced remarkably since the new President’s ascend to power. He is known as a ruthless executioner when it comes to underworld crimes and let’s wait and see the present reduction of the underworld activities are continued. The same can be said about the drug mafia too. Sri Lanka has become a big drug distribution center if not a cartel. One cannot imagine the mammoth amounts of narcotics hauls sporadically nabbed by the law authorities. Looks like the import if drugs might well surpass the import of wheat flour if the former drug mafia is not subdued at the earliest.

Doing away with sand and soil transportation licenses has come under heavy criticism and this has to be revisited before it is too late. The same could be said about rice and vegetable mafia that deny the farmer or the consumer the benefits but allow some greedy middlemen disguised as “traders” in so-called economic centers to profiteer.

The UNP-led Sirisena government failed big time in every step it took except for some timely reforms in education with the then Minister of Education Akila Kariyawasam having been able to introduce largely pertaining to changes in new subject areas for Advanced Level streams. He wasn’t scared of those strong teacher unions and had the stomach to take the bull by horns. Apart from that, I could not see any other major contributions from that failed coalition for the country to do the justice for the citizens who voted them in. This is exactly why they lost the presidential election with such a heavy defeat. But the president should not undo the good changes they did such as forming police, election and judiciary commissions, etc., at least to ensure partial transparency and good governance. If there are any flaws in those commissions, those should be rectified but the last thing the present government should do is to abolish or weaken them.

One thought on “Mr. President’s First Month in Office – 3 – Suicidal Tax Cuts and Reductions

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