Mr. President’s First Month in Office – 4 – Disappointment in the Appointment of a Massive Cabinet

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Even though the president earned a lot of appreciation by appointing a smaller interim cabinet soon after taking oath, within a few days he lost the very admiration by appointing a large number of state ministers, obviously the almost the whole lot of rogues. I understand that it is very difficult to keep the MPs happy but they should understand that the new era has dawned and they have to support the changes the president aspires for.

Reopening some of the buried legal and corruption cases look like witch-hunting prima facie but if they do so, both the present and the past governments’ misdeeds should be taken with equal treatment. But I have no hopes in this.

The most unfortunate Swiss embassy employee’s drama has happened and I personally don’t think the government would be involved in such a stupid activity within the first month of the new president’s rule. But, this has to be delicately handled as there are hyenas who are eagerly waiting to see till blood spills in the politicalsphere in Sri Lanka again.

There is much talk about abolishing or amending the 19th amendment. We all agree that the amendment in question was done by the Sirisena-UNP coalition with political motives, but good things like limiting a president’s term to 5 years and maximum 2 terms are fair by every measure. If a leader cannot develop a country up to a decent level within 10 years, it is ridiculous to let such a leader to take another term or to do it.

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