Does Sri Lanka REALLY Need a Federal Solution? – RAJIV – A SON OF A BIDDY

Ms Indira Gandhi’s assassination should have reduced the calamities in Sri Lanka if a smart and visionary leader succeeded her. Unfortunately, it was her own son, Rajiv Gandhi who had nothing but the being the son of the slain Ms Gandhi and the grandson of late. Mr Jawaharlal Nehru as the only qualifications to rise to the thrown – ascended to power in the aftermath of this avaricious woman’s death and later went on winning the General Election also by a big margin, mainly of sympathy votes, something the subcontinent is cursed with.

The logo of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

Mr Gandhi resumed from where his mother left and went onto reinforce the support RAW, India’s notorious secret service, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW,) was providing for the Tamil boys in the North and East of Sri Lanka. (For documentary and pictorial evidence just read Professor Rohan Gunaratna’s Indian intervention in Sri Lanka: The role of India’s intelligence and Shenali Waduge‘s articles on the subject. Just rummage through the web and you would find scores of them.) If you think these two authors are biased for the fact that they are Sinhalese and Sri Lankans, read the books written by some of the Indian journalists, ex-diplomats assigned to Sri Lanka, ex-RAW personnel, ex-military high ranking officers, etc. and those of the independent sources to see how foxily Mr Gandhi manipulated and escalated Sri Lanka’s cursed terrorist war.)

Rajiv Gandhi and J. R. Jayawardene signing the notorious Indo – Sri Lanka Peace Accord

Mr Gandhi forced the then Sri Lankan President, Mr J. R. Jayawardene to sign an agreement, the notorious Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord that created another youth unrest in the Southern Sri Lanka which ultimately killed 60,000 people, mainly youth who protested the Peace Accord. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) lead the insurgency against the J. R. Jayawardene government for signing the peace deal.

As part of the peace deal, Mr Gandhi sent a 100,000 personnel strong Indian Peace Keeping Force – (IPKF,) to fight against the very terrorist outfit India created in Sri Lanka. IPKF was blamed for gross human rights violations, rapes, killing civilians, etc. Sri Lankans at large treated the IPKF an invading force than a peace keeping force that came to help them.

Some soldiers of the IPKF

Proving the theory of proverbial nursing serpents, Rajiv Gandhi was paid with what he richly deserved, being blown into pieces by a Tamil woman who was allegedly gang-raped by India’s forcibly-sent Indian Peace Keeping Force – (IPKF.) By that time, Mr Gandhi was running a successful election campaign and on the way to make it to the PM’s chair once again at a victorious election rally in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu.

Rajiv Gandhi’s funeral

See what happened to the then internally stable Pakistan after creating Talibans to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan with the US money. See what happened to Afghanistan after the creation of Al Qaeda by the United States who also fought for American interests in Afghanistan. See what happened to Iraq, Libya and Syria after the advent of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist outfit that was allegedly created by the United States. They all turned back and waged war on their very creators.

World Trade Center Attack by Al Qaeda From

P. S. Don’t think I am happy to hear that these unscrupulous politicians paid for what nasty things they supported. I feel for every human soul, but one should be human enough to deserve such a sympathy. Being part of or masterminding massacres of civilians or even soldiers or terrorists for that matter, is no trivial matter. There are better ways to solve regional politics without resorting to the devastating terrorism.

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