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  1. I have read the post that you have put on and it was very nice to know about you sir.The work that you do through Horizon is truly amazing.i to like to work with you as a volunteer teacher if there is any place.

    Suranga Abeyrathna


  2. hi
    i too like to contribute towards education and development of our Raja rata. It was the leading place in our SL and it is high time it becomes another power centre that produces bright minds for the benefit of lanka.
    How can I join u?

    between i have been reading a lot abt CKD in anuradhapura (kidney disease). what are ur thoughts abt it?


      • I did gather many info abt it and deeply concerned abt it. I went through some of the reports from WHO, Indian research company, Rajarata kelani group and many others.
        Based on what I learn the reason for the CKD is not clearly identified still.
        but it is largely believed that water was the problem.

        My point we can help the affected people and take steps to prevent it catching on.
        People from these areas have to come to Colombo and kandy for treatment.
        Anuradhapura hospital does not have enough facilities to treat (dialysis) patients. The people do not have enough money to spend.

        We should in an organised manner help the people to get proper medicine and treatment while coming up with a water treatment and water distribution method.
        We can make a collection like MAS holdings did to build a cancer treatment unit in Jaffna hospital to upgrade facilities in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa hospitals to give better CKD treatment for ppl there.

        I heard that Water board is supplying water from bousers but people are unable to pay for that even. So If an org can bear the cost and give these people water at a low price we can some what control the situation.

        We should get organised and deal with this one


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  4. There was an artist name Bandula Kumara, who was excellent with wildlife. He did a story called “Sikari” Does anyone knows any information to find the complete story?


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