Daruwane, a Movie Worth Watching


After watching Professor Sunil Ariyarathna’s Kusa Paba I was so disappointed that I had decided not to watch Sinhala movies again. But I had to go to see “Daruwane” by the director V. Sivadasan. But I was reluctant to go as the film was produced by Sunil T films studio which has produced many a nonsensical films.

The name of the movie (Daruwane) didn’t sound creative. I thought the film also was not creative. How can they make a creative movie if they cannot make a creative name? Jayalath Manorathna’s photo in the billboards of the movie surprised me because he usually doesn’t take part in low quality movies. Has he too gone to the dogs finally because of money?

But the opening scene of the movie cleared all my doubts. It was a very creative bright scene and I felt this should be a good movie. Venturing into the movie convinced me further as a very creative commercially successful movie. I don’t use the word “creative” here in the common context. This is not a classic like “Sound of Music.” But this is so eye-catching that both the kids and the adults can enjoy equally.

Theme is simple and the selecting of the cast also is commendable. Jayalath Manorathna doesn’t have much to do in the character to live up to his reputation but does a good job within the parameters of the movie. The two young lovers are doing a reasonably good job by keeping the audience happy. Child actors are not exceptional but can entertain the crowd.

What I most admire is the technicalities of the movie. We are used to watch Sinhala movies with lips not synchronizing with the voice for a decades now but this movie doesn’t have that defect. Synchronization is perfect. Lighting, camera angles, sounds, music are commendable. After all we should not give up the hopes about the Sinhala cinema. I would ask you to take your family to enjoy this wonderful cinema experience. This is not the greatest Sinhala movie that was produced but better than the rubbish we saw during last few decades.