Linchpin – Seth Godin

Linchpin - Seth Godin

Linchpin – Seth Godin

Linchpin is written by Seth Godin. It became an instant bestseller. The book brings all of Seth’s ideas together. Linchpin is his 12th book.

The linchpin is indispensable. In the same way one has to be a linchpin in a workplace to be successful professionally. The book is about how one can become indispensable in a work environment.

During the era after the Industrial Revolution the workers were dispensable. They could be replaced easily as they were not linchpins. The factories could run without them as they could be replaced with workers who were hired at lower wages.

But things started changing by the 20th century. Organizations understood the value of linchpins. This is why the budgets for training and development were increased. The companies looked at the workers as treasure that helps their organizations.

With this change the workers also had to be indispensable. The weaker ones did not have a secured place in organizations. They had to be either linchpins or get fired. Companies invested a lot on increasing the performances of their workers. Those who could show results survived and the rest had to be laid off.

Companies need linchpins to solve their problems, keep them connected, and inspire them with art. People who are linchpins are creative, good at connecting with others, and able to see solutions like no one else. They truly are indispensable.

Earlier there were only the management and the labor to run a company. But now the third force called linchpins have emerged. They handle inventing new things, leading from the front, connecting others, making things happen and create order out of chaos. They love challenges. They are proactive. They work extra hours voluntarily for the betterment of the company. As a result they get better pay and promotions. So, it is a win-win situation for the linchpins and the companies.

The linchpins are artists. They are creative. They value freedom within the organization. They don’t wait till they get orders. They think beforehand. They foresee impending issues. They propose new ideas to the management. They encourage the workers. They strengthen the link between the management and the lower layers of workers.

Godin tells us the importance of bettering ourselves in the corporate world by being proactive and energetic members of the organization. It is no easy task in highly competitive business world. But there is no other option except being a linchpin. You add value to your organization by being a linchpin.

I have worked in MAS Holdings and Dialog Axiata. Both of them are leading companies in Sri Lankan corporate world. I saw a lot of linchpins in both the places. It is amazing how they put their maximum to the companies. Young ladies and gentlemen there sacrifice a lot to become linchpins. I learnt a lot from them while I was there.