Sampath Bank, My Favorite Sri Lankan Company

I fell in love with three Sri Lankan companies ever since I had some experience with them. I fell in love with three Sri Lankan companies ever since I had some experience with them. This is about the second company I admire a lot and recommend for other young people to work at. (This is not a paid advertisement but I write this on my own free will.) I am listing the three companies only in chronological order of me meeting with them, not according the order of my preferences.
Sampath Bank
Sampath Bank was launched in 1980’s with a creative print media, radio and television promotional campaign. The English name of the bank was “Investment and Credit Bank” and the Sinhala name was simply සම්පත් බැංකුව. It soon replaced the English name as Sampath Bank also as it caught the attention of both Sinhalese majority and the English speaking minorities as it sounded closer to them than the English name. It was one of the pioneer private banks in Sri Lanka and won the hearts of millions of customers mainly due to its then luxurious facilities such as air-conditioned premises, modern technologies such as ATM cards, pleasant customer service and of course, the sweet smiling girls in the front office. They did not let let customers waste time in long cues like in the state banks that made billions of rupees but treated their customers like animals. (They still do.) But Sampath Bank was exemplary and even to date, it is the only bank in Sri Lanka that displays the date on the wall so that the customers do not have to waste time looking for the date. None of the other state or private banks is interested in providing this basic service that costs them peanuts.
I started my first ever bank account with Sampath Bank and still continue it as my main bank account. I haven’t been able to obtain any loans from them as I have not been able to save much money and continue a regular job. They also cancelled my current account. Moreover, they revoke my credit card too when I was broke. None of these happened due to their fault. I had a bad time with finances for a decade and the bank had to revoke the extra facilities extended to me due to its rules and regulations. Still they never discontinued my savings account even it did not have a single rupee for long duration of times.
I discontinued my accounts with shitty banks like Rural Bank, Seylan Bank, Hatton National Bank and Standard Charted. I have extra accounts with HSBC and Bank of Ceylon. But will close down the account with Bank of Ceylon due to its inhuman treatment to the customers (and specially to me.) Folks, never bank with BOC. They are worried only about your pocket and never in you.