Recounting the Five Lucky Misadventures in My Two-Score-and-Ten Years of Bike Hikes in Sri Lanka

Nanda Wanninayaka on Bajaj Pulsar 200 (A file photo)

Nanda Wanninayaka on Bajaj Pulsar 200 (A file photo)

I have been riding motorbikes for over 30 years now. It is the most fascinating pastime for me, maybe next to horse-riding. (It is too early to take horse-riding a pastime because I don’t own one, not yet.) I started motorbike riding with a Honda C70 model motorbike my eldest brother bought for the family and then went into riding other models the friends use too. I bought my first motorbike, a stunning Bajaj Pulsar 200, made in India, the talk of the town those days and then kind of downshifted it to Bajaj Pulsar 150 in a folly without a valid reason. That unlucky Bajaj Pulsar 150 is now rusting away in a garage after it faced its second terrible accident. (First one happened by my brother-in-law.) I am hoping to salvage it by spending another 30,000 (195 USD) to 40,000 LKR (260 USD.) Let’s see how it goes.

What follows is the narrative of the five major bike accidents I met with still lived to tell the five successive stories.

First Misadventure

The first mishap took place when I was still in my teens and had not even been licensed to ride a motorbike. I was riding my eldest brother’s Honda C70 with my younger brother, Aruna as pillion. We were riding on the Suriyadamana Road.  I was as thrilled and free as a bird as this was a time I could enjoy daredevil things away from the watchful eyes of my other elder brother (Upali Aiya) who was hot-tempered and would be mad if he saw how fast I rode. With both Aruna and I frenzied with the new-found freedom, I was on the top speed and was singing “Zindagi Ek Safar” (the famous Bollywood song superstar Rajesh Khanna sang while riding the bike with his screen sweetheart on the pillion in the movie Andaz) as this was the song that surrounded my mind whenever I sped on a motorbike. The Sinhala language song of the same tune was also popular with charismatic Sri Lankan superstar Vijaya Kumaranatunga as the lead role.

The frenzy did not last that long. There was a sharp bend when you passed the public cemetery and I had no control at all when I tried to negotiate the corner and the bike got almost airborne and the rider and his pillion unceremoniously landed up on a heap of coconut leave decorations that had been used for decorations in a cemetery ceremony a few days earlier. I knew I was unharmed and was not sure if my younger brother was. He was not to be seen. It was then he, too, emerged from the heap of coconut thatches decorations and found to be unhurt. Maybe we both were saved because the heap of coconut thatches absorbed the impact and cushioned us. The bike’s front was damaged a lot and we could still manage to ride home the disfigured bike. I was waiting to see my elder brother going into a rage and barge at me but au de contraire, a calm elder brother told us just to be careful next time. This was the first big accident I had with a motorbike.

Second Misadventure

I was newly married and the nuptial couple were proceeding from the hilly and cool Badulla, or in other words, my better-half, a small-time beauty if I may classify her so, and I were on my younger brother Aruna’s Bajaj Pulsar 180 bike. Road from Badulla via Mahiyanganaya and Polonnaruwa was not in an acceptable state of repair those days but we so far had no problem even though I rode at top speed. We stopped several times on the way for snacks and meals and it was a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze – ideal condition for biking. Road was long yet I wasn’t tired and my better-half, too, enjoyed the ride in the pillion. I had been advised by several people not to take such long bike rides and instead use the public transport which was less expensive and less risky. But I was (and am) not the one who pays heed to others, especially in things related to my favorite hobbies. We started early from Badulla’s salubrious hills and it was around afternoon when we reached Habarana, the lush monsoon jungles. From Habarana to Anuradhapura, the marvel of ancient civilizations besides being my native territory, we came even faster because the desired destination, Mahawilachchiya, my native village, was closing in. We thought of taking the road passing Anuradhapura Air Force Camp (aka Northern Camp) and there was a bend of which no notice was taken by me as the corner materializing ahead seemed insignificant compared to the large number of bends we had just been negotiating all along the winding stretches I took from the mountainous Badulla to Loggal Oya on the plains. So, I misjudged that this was something very simple and too small to be treated as a noteworthy bend but the bend thought otherwise. It gave such a resistance and bike took its own control as gravity dictated, and not my frantic anti-gravity inputs to control the machine. It somewhat veered and a kind of careened and dragged itself on the tarmac and my precious cargo, the pillion passenger was thrown asunder from the bike first and me next. When I collected my senses in a rather dizzy way, I first looked at my wife to see if she were unharmed and beheld she was sedentary on the middle of the road and laughing out loud as she used to be. We both were all right saving some bruises in me and the bike was only slightly damaged. One has to be really in the good books of the providence above, to be able to walk away unharmed from such a grave mishap caused by sheer disrespect for Sir Isaak Newton’s laws of gravity.

Third Misadventure

The other day, in 2010 I was riding my own Bajaj Pulsar 200 Rocket and I was impatient as I was to see our one and only son, Abhilash after some time. My being emotionally overly eager to be with the child eclipsed my thoughts focusing solely on the bike’s controls and the traffic on the road from Isurupaya, Battaramulla in the metropolis to sub-urban Ja -Ela where my son lived with his mother. I was day-dreaming how to take the child in my arms, take him on the bike, tell him bedside stories at night, and so on. But I was still riding between Borella Junction, a principal roundabout in Colombo city, and the Welikada signal lights. All of a sudden, the bike back-ended a car and it was all my fault as I was behind the car and lucky for the car, nothing much happened as it had a strong buffer. I fell off the bike and could not get up till the driver in the car stopped it and came and gave me a helping hand. I explained to the driver my reason to speed and he being a, considerate man let me go without making a big fuzz out of it. It was a drizzly evening and I should have known better how to ride in such a wet weather condition. Besides, roads in Colombo are perennially greasy due to constantly leaking fuel from vehicles and one should be extremely cautious when riding or driving on Colombo’s metropolitan roads.

Fourth Misadventure

Real Michael Jackson, till I find a photograph of my friend "Local Jackson" I will use this for this post.

Real Michael Jackson, till I find a photograph of my friend “Local Jackson” I will use this for this post.

This was the most bizarre accident I met with. It happened in 2016. To begin with this episode, I could safely say that the great greedy Greek divine, Bacchus has failed to impose a bacchanalian lifestyle upon me. I partake in intoxicating spirits very rarely, and only if a good company is found at that, and I possess enough courage to say no to any drinking party if I am not in the right mood or if I think the company incompatible with me as far as imbibing is concerned. But on this particular day I was silly enough to drink with Sampath (aka Michael Jackson, due to his Jackson mania and Jackson imitations in his youth) during the bright day light, and that is a thing I never do. He brought some strong alcohol and I am a person who hardly get drunk even with the toughest stuff. I hear this is not something to brag about when it comes to drinking and the ones who do not get intoxicated easily have stronger livers and kidneys to filter away the toxic material that is alcohol various denominations of which were apparently invented and made use of among warring peoples. Despite its somniferous medicinal quality of inducing sleep, its misuse can make imbibers go berserk with its narcotic characteristic anesthetizing the drinker to commit inhuman acts, and it is what the wise say and I, am one such. (Once, at my nephew’s wedding I drank a little more than half of a bottle of hard liquor at Ranorawa, a small hamlet in Anuradhapura, and had a lavish meal and followed by a good shower to cool down the stuff running in my circulation and rode my Bajaj Pulsar 200 up to Kahathuduwa, Piliyandala via Puttalam road, some 220 kilometers and did not have any hiccup on the long ride since I was as fit as a fiddle even after gulping down such a big amount of tough stuff.) However, after the drinking session with ‘Jackson’ he implored me to have lunch with him but I declined and started to ride back home, Mahawilachchiya. It is said that one should not drive without having a meal and get exposed to the wind after a drink as both the acts catalyze the intoxicating process. I brushed off such talks and continued riding. I started feeling sleepy while riding but was okay till Oyamaduwa Junction and took the roundabout properly and all I could remember from there was that the speedometer marked a lot more than 100 kmph and I was on a daze. Bang! I heard I was hitting something big and hard and I was thrown off onto the right side of the road and the bike was on the left side of the road. To make things a comedy of errors, I fell asleep soundly just after the accident. Then I could remember a Buddhist monk coming and helping me to stand up and asking if I needed any medical attention. I said no and thanked the monk for helping. In fact, what had happened was that there was a used-up barrel of tar, filled with soil and placed on the middle of the road to prevent vehicles getting into trouble by falling into the big pot hole created in the middle of the road, during floods. It had been marked with yellow stripes but I was in a differently luminous world by that time and did not have the sobriety sense to see it. I broke my collarbone (which had already been fractured by another silly fall while riding inside a garden at a speed less than 5 kmph) and still I am deprived of playing cricket, my favorite game, for two consecutive years due to this fracture.) After this, I decided never to drive drunk even if I feel totally comfortable. It is putting others’ lives in danger than that of mine. Moreover, I decided not to drink alcohol except Wild Apple beer, which was introduced to me by a foreign friend of mine which is quite harmless and not bitter like other brands of beer. Thus, I have said goodbye all other alcoholic beverages.

Fifth Misadventure

Nanda Wanninayaka on Bajaj Pulsar 150 (A file photo)

Nanda Wanninayaka on Bajaj Pulsar 150 (A file photo)

The fifth and the most recent accident was inevitable and it happened on October 22, 2017. I knew it even before I mounted the iron horse that fateful day. I wanted to go to Colombo to submit my visa application for the then impending trip to Ecuador. But I was never ready for this as I did not feel fit enough for such a ride. You could say that I should have taken public transport if I was not comfortable with it but even if I did, I would still have knocked down by a vehicle even while walking that day as I was never fit or ready for this day. I wanted a good night’s sleep but my elder sister, who worries about me much more than I or anyone else on earth does, kept nagging me that I should come back from Ranorawa the previous evening and go to Colombo the next day. I was annoyed as I wanted to rest at Ranorawa with my other sister and her children and the cute grandchild but it was not to be due to constant coaxing from my sister. So, I had to forget everything and retrun to Anuradhapura the same evening and without a good rest or sleep had to ride to Colombo, 200 km far down, early morning the next day. I passed Dambulla (64 km), Kurunegala (110 km), Alawwa (132 km), and I was surprised why I didn’t still have the inevitable accident! Because I knew it would happen and it was inevitable. Passed Warakapola (147 km,) Weweldeniya (148 km) and Nittambuwa (157 km), still I was riding but knew it was imminent. Opposite Imbulgoda (168 km) fuel station, I saw a small sign board on the road side saying that they sell Katu Anoda (Prickly Custard Apple) juice and I went ahead, turned to the other side of the road and came back to the fruit juice stall by turning the bike the proper way. Bang!!! That was all what I heard and the thud was so strong it made me deaf for a while and I felt I was rolling with the bike several times round by round and then it stopped right on my chest. (While I was rolling, all that came to my mind was if I died or got crippled, what would happen to my son?) I could not move a muscle as the whole weight of the iron horse was on my body. People around later said that they thought I was done for! Anyway, I gathered the strength and tried to move the bike off my chest and then a few people who gathered there helped me. They were furious about the school bus driver who hit me from behind for the simple reason that he could not control his speeding and they were trying to harass him. I told the people to see if the kids in the school bus were hurt first. Luckily, they had survived the jerk and were unhurt. Having heard the news, the owner of the bus also came to the spot and asked if I should be taken to a hospital. I told him that I was not that hurt at that moment and there was less pain but the pains would increase by the evening for sure. Scruples notwithstanding, I rather let them leave the scene of accident or rather a traffic crime (where in fact both parties were guilty) because if this case were to be reported to the police the poor bus driver (his wife had just delivered a baby a few days back according to the driver) would have to lose work for a few days. Besides, I was to go to Ecuador and the last thing we both wanted was a court case dragging sine die. Therefore, we settled the case amicably and the bus owner gave me 20,000 LKR as damage – that was all what he could muster and I accepted it even though I knew already this would cost me a little fortune when I go to the repairer. A real gentleman, a Grama Sewaka (a village headman) called Mr. Wipula Jayawardhana who was extra helpful in assisting me after the accident took me to his home and gave me food and accommodation for the night. This is the typical Sri Lankan hospitality that is displayed anywhere in Sri Lanka. My condition worsened by the evening and I had to return home the next day and the bills of medical checkups alone cost me around 15,000 LKR (97 USD.) And the cost of replacing the digital meter of the bike alone costs 15,000 LKR (97 USD) and I am not sure when I would be able to afford to repair the bike.

The Sixth Misadventure –  hopefully the final … … … 

This is yet to happen and let’s hope that I would stay alive at least till I report it. Anyway, I am extra careful in riding motorbikes mainly because I either borrow or hire bikes now. I had to sell my last bike for a song and waiting to buy the next iron-horse, this magnificent Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. I am not too sure if I would have the same patience once I mount my own bike though.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

A selection of motorcycle safety URLs (Thanks Sunil Rutnayake for these links and editing my post.)…/helmet_manual.pdf

මහවිලච්චියේ සූරියදමන පාර “රොබින් හුඩ්ගේ පාර”

මහවිලච්චියේ සූරියදමන පාර Suriyadamana Road in Mahawilachchiya
මහවිලච්චියේ සූරියදමන පාර Suriyadamana Road in Mahawilachchiya

මේ දැනට අලුත්වැඩියා කරගෙන යන මහවිලච්චියේ “හරමානිස් හන්දියේ සිට හැලඹෑව” දක්වා දිවෙන පාර. මේ පාරට සූරියදමන පාර කියලත් කියනවා. (හැබැයි අපේ සුමේධා අක්කා – ලොකු අයියාගේ නෝනා – නම් මේ පාරට කිව්වේ “රොබින් හුඩ්ගේ පාර” කියලා. ඒකට හේතුව තමයි කලකට පෙර මේ පාර ෂර්වුඩ් කැලයේ රොබින් හුඩ්ලා ගිය පාර වගේම කැලෑව මැදින් වැටීතිබුණ පුංචි අඩිපාරක් වීම නිසා.)

මේ පාර නම් ප්‍රාදේශීය සභා මැතිවරණයට අදාළ හදිසි සංවර්ධන ව්‍යාපෘතියක් නෙවෙයි. ඇත්තෙන්ම කිව්වොත් පසුගිය රජය සැලසුම් කරලා තිබුණේ මේ පාර 2015 පෙබරවාරි මාසයේ වැඩ අරඹන්න. ඒත් එම වසරේ හදිසි ජනාධිපතිවරණයෙන් මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මැතිතුමා පැරදුනාට පසු මේ පාර අලුත්වැඩියාකිරීම අළුත් ආණ්ඩුව විසින් අතහැර දැමූ බවයි අපි දැනගත්තේ. ඒත් මීට අවුරුද්දකට විතර පෙර නව රජයේ මහාමාර්ග අමාත්‍යවරයා මේ පාර ආරම්භ කිරීමට මුල්ගල තැබුවා. ඒ උත්සවයේදී මහවිලච්චිය ප්‍රාදේශීය ලේකම්තුමාගේ කතාවේදී විශේෂයෙන් සඳහන් කළා පාර සංවර්ධනය කිරීම ආරම්භ කිරීමේ ගෞරවයෙන් කොටසක් මහවිලච්චියේ අනුර බණ්ඩාර අයියාටත් යායුතුයි කියලා. කවුරුත් එයාට ආදරේට කියන්නේ “අඹුඩ අනුර අයියා” කියලා. ඒකට හේතුව තමා එයා ගමේ පොදු අවශ්‍යතාවයන් රජයන් මගහරිනවානම් අඹුඩයකින් පමණක් සැරසී අදාළ අකටයුත්ත වෙන තැනට ගිහින් උපවාස කිරීම. පාර හදන්න රජයට බලකරමින් අනුර අයියා කිහිපවතාවක්ම උද්ඝෝෂණය කළා. වරක් හිරේ ලගින්නත් වුණා ඒ නිසාම.

කොහොමහරි අළුත් ආණ්ඩුව ලොකු උත්සවයක් තියලා මුල්ගල තිබ්බත් (නැකත් නැති නිසාදෝ) පාරේ වැඩ ආරම්භ කිරීමට වසරකටත් වඩා කල්ගිහින් මේ මෑතකදී තමයි අලුත්වැඩියාව පටන්ගත්තේ. මේ ඡායාරූප කිහිපය ගත්තේ පසුගිය 14 වැනිදා.

මේ පාරෙන් මහවිලච්චියේ සිට අපේ අම්මගේ ගමට (අඹගහවැව) කිලෝමීටර 25කුත් අප්පච්චිගේ ගමට (රනෝරාව) කිලෝමීටර 20කුත් විතර තියෙනවා. ඔබ විශ්වාස කරනවද අවුරුදු 10කටත් අඩු වයසකදී මම (සහ මගේ සහෝදර සහෝදරියන්) අප්පච්චිත් එක්ක මේ සම්පූර්ණ දුර බොහෝවරක් වරක් පයින් ගිහිල්ලා තියෙනවා කිව්වම? ඒ කාලේ කලාතුරකින් වගේ හමුවුන ගොන් කරත්තයකින් සමහර විට ඉඩ තිබුණොත් පොඩි දුරක් වගේ ගිහිල්ලා දැම්මත් අපි වැඩියෙන්ම ගියේ පයින්. ඒක වෙහෙසකාරී ගමනක් වුවත් පාර දිගට හමුවෙන ලස්සන පුංචි වතුර වළවළුත්, කැලෑවත්, කරඹ, දිවුල්, පලු, වීර වගේ පළතුරුත්, පාර හරහා පනින නරි, මුගටි, වගේ සතුනුත්, සමහර විට වල් අලියෙක් දෙන්නෙකුත් දකින්න තියෙන නිසා ඉස්කෝලේ නිවාඩු දෙනකල් අපි බලන් සිටියේ අම්මාගේ හෝ අප්පච්චිගේ ගමේ ගිහින් කිරි අම්මලා හදන රස කෑම කන්නත්, කිරි අත්තලාගේ කතන්දර අහන්නත් වගේම නෑදෑයින්ගේ ළමයිනුත් එක්ක මාසයක් පුරාම සෙල්ලම් කරන්නත්. දැන් කාලේ වගේ ටුයිෂන් පන්ති නොතිබුණ නිසා නිවාඩුවට පහුවෙනිදා ගමට ගියාම අපහු එන්නේ අළුත් පාසල් වාරය පටන් ගන්නට ඉස්සරලා දවසේ. නිවාඩු මාසය පුරාම පොතක් පතක් අල්ලන්නේවත් නැතුව උදේ ඉඳන් රෑ වෙනකල් සෙල්ලම් කළත් අපිටවත්, දෙමව්පියන්ටවත්, ගුරුවරුන්ටවත් ඒක කවදාවත් ප්‍රශ්නයක් වුණේ නැහැ

සුන්දර මතකයන් ගොඩක් තියෙන සූරියදමන පාර හැදෙන එක ගැන සන්තෝෂ වුණත් “රොබින් හුඩ්ගේ පාර” අතුරුදහන් වෙන එක ගැනනම් ටිකක් දුකයි.