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At the lake near Mount Fuji, Japan
At the lake near Mount Fuji, Japan

I was born and bred in Mahawilachchiya, Anuradhapura in 1972. I had a happy childhood with playing with other kids in village school, rice fields, farms, streams, reservoirs, lakes, where not? It was a very carefree life and I doubt today’s kids can ever enjoy such a life.

I was the 8th child of a family of 9 children and studied in Thakshila School in Mahawilachchiya and went to Central College in Anuradhapura (1990) for my Advanced Levels and later changed the school to Bulathsinhala Central College (1991) in Kaluthara.

After ALs I worked at Asiri Hospital, Colombo (1994-1995) as a male nurse and then joined DELIC (District English Learning Center) in Anuradhapura (1995) to be trained as an English teacher. After an English language training for a year I was appointed to Saliyamala School in Mahawilachchiya as my first teaching appointment in January, 1997. Here I spent time from 1997 to 1999 and by 2000 I got a transfer to Niwaththaka Chethiya College, Anuradhapura.

I left teaching job in the year 2000 and joined MAS Holding’s Slimline Garment as a Human Resources Assistant and worked there till 2002. I left this job as well in May 2002 to work full time for Horizon Lanka Foundation which I had founded in 1998. I briefly worked in Stafford International School in Doha, Qatar in 2004 and returned in two months as I had to be fulltime in Mahawilachchiya for the activities in the Foundation.

I married in January, 2006 and shifted to Badulla for a year and then to Ja Ela in January, 2007. By this time the Foundation had to continue without me and as a result it started to collapse and finally in February 2011 we had to discontinue its activities though it was a painful decision to take.

I worked as a consultant to Ministry of Education’s SEMP and EKSP projects from 2007 to 2010. I also worked for Dialog Axiata in 2012 as a Consultant to its Nenasa Educational TV channel.

We could resume Horizon Lanka academic activities again on July 15, 2014. I returned to Mahawilachchiya and am working full-time for it now.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Seems to be an inspirational & visionary journey through many a hardship. This country needs many people like you across diverse sectors, who understand the true purpose and follow it with passion, unfortunately they are only a rare breed these days. Keep up the good work, all the best.

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