Kernel PST Password Recovery – Free Outlook Password Recovery


We have all faced this problem at least once in our lives, well, if we have used Microsoft Outlook – the best MS Office tool I have come across. We forget the password we used when exporting Microsoft Outlook mail file to a .pst file. If you forget your password for MS Outlook mail file, (.pst) just download Kernel PST Password Recovery, it is free and it works. Well it worked for me. There are other recovery tools but they ask for money. So, good luck if you want to use this.



Blogging through a mobile phone.


In Japan 2008

This is my first blog post through a mobile phone. It looks quite easy to use with WordPress flatform. I can upload images link hyperlinks and write texts easily. It is quite painful to typpe with the on screen keyboard but for those who have a good speed, this would be fun. This is good for short blog posts. I usually don’t write very lengthy blog posts. My average size is one A4 page in point 12 letters.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S Duos phone.

Nokia Asha 501 and Nokia Care Center, Colombo

Nokia Asha 501

Nokia Asha 501

I happened to buy a Nokia Asha 501 dual SIM mobile phone as my previous Samsung Duos got stuck suddenly. There wasn’t any other decent option for me. Had there been a Samsung Duos I would have gone for that definitely but limited options in the shop made me buy the Nokia phone. I don’t say Nokia is bad. I have used two Nokia phones in the past and both worked perfectly well. But I prefer Samsung ever since I used Samsung Duos.

The problem with this Nokia unit is that it doesn’t allow me to copy my back up telephone numbers at once. I have to do it manually one by one. It is not nice when you don’t have such a simple option. The other thing is it allows me to use only two tones for two SIMs. Earlier I used different tones for different people who talked to me often.

The other main problem with this phone is that we can insert only small sized SIMs in it. I had to cut my two SIMs to suit to phone’s slots. I don’t know whose bright idea is it to introduce a smaller size SIM to the market. It doesn’t serve any purpose. The regular size is small enough. It is not as big as a credit card. So, everybody can use it without trouble. At a time we are struggling with different types of battery charges, earphones, this new small sized SIM has created another problem to the users. We expect all phone makers to design a common charger and common ear phone slot. But without achieving that now we have two sizes of SIMs. Once you start using a smaller sized SIM you cannot enter it to a regular sized SIM slot even at an emergency. You have to paste it to a regular sized SIM with sellotape and insert to the slot which is a risky thing to do.

Nokia Asha 501 comes with a free 4 GB memory card which is a plus point. Other than that I can’t say any single feature that attracts one to the phone. My advice to you is don’t buy Nokia Asha series. It is difficult to use and there is no special features that it offers you.

My Nokia phone started giving troubles from the moment I bought it and had to contact Nokia Care Center in Colombo. I gave several calls and all the calls went unanswered.  After trying for a whole day I finally caught one call center employee and she asked me to take the unit to them. Nokia Care Center is in Bambalapitiya, between Hutch headquarters and Mannapperuma Traders. They wanted to keep the phone to repair and offered me a spare phone to use. That was nice of them.

Nokia Care Center

Nokia Care Center

Once the phone is repaired they don’t call you. With other places like E-tel, they call you as soon as the phone is done with. Here you have to call and see if the phone is repaired. When inquired about this (not calling) from one of their Care Center employee, he explained that the system is updated after 24 hours and we have to wait till system is updated for the call center operators to call us. Technology is there to expedite things, not to slow down.

ටෙක්නෝප්ලස් මොබයිල් ෆෝන් රීලෝඩ් යන්ත්‍රය

ටෙක්නෝප්ලස් රීලෝඩ් යන්ත්‍රය

ටෙක්නෝප්ලස් රීලෝඩ් යන්ත්‍රය

Techno Plus, Badulla. Telephone 071-2307307 (Local) 0094-712307307 (IDD)

මම මොබයිල් සිම් දෙකක් පාවිච්චි කරනවා. එකක් මම මුලින්ම ගත්ත ඩයලොග් පසු ගෙවීම් පැකේජය. අනෙක මොබිටෙල් පාවිච්චි කරන යහළුවන්ගේ පහසුවට ගත්ත මොබිටෙල් පෙර ගෙවුම් පැකේජය. මොබිටෙල් එකට විටින් විට “රීලෝඩ්” දාන්න ඕනේ නිසා ළඟදී ෆෝන් කඩේකට ගියා. සාමන්‍යය ක්‍රමය තමයි සල්ලි දීලා රීලෝඩ් කරන්න ඕනේ අංකය එයාලගේ පොතේ ලියන එක. එතකොට එයාලා අදාළ මුදල රීලෝඩ් කරනවා.

ඒත් මෙතන ඒ වෙනුවට පුංචි පෙට්ටියක් වගේ යන්ත්‍රයක් තිබුණා. මට කරන්න තිබුණේ මගේ මොබිටෙල් අංකයයි අදාළ මුදලයි යන්ත්‍රයට ඒ සඳහා තිබුණ බොත්තම් මගින් ඇතුල් කරන එක විතරයි. එතකොට එහා පැත්තේ ඉඳගෙන ෆෝන් කඩේ කොළුවා බොත්තමක් ඔබලා ගෙවීම තහවුරු කරනවා. හරි ලේසියි. අපිම කරගන්න නිසා වරදින්න තියෙන ඉඩ කඩත් අඩුයි.

යන්ත්‍රය හරි හුරු බුහුටියි. මිලනම් ටිකක් සැරයි. ඔබත් මේ සඳහා උනන්දු නම් හොඳම දේ තමයි එයාලට කතා කරලා බලන එක. Techno Plus, Badulla. Telephone 071-2307307. හදන්නේ Techno Plus කියලා ලංකාවේ කට්ටියක්. සම්පුර්ණ ශ්‍රී ලාංකික නිෂ්පාදනයක්.

යන්ත්‍රය හරහා ගෙවීමක් කළාම බිලකුත් එනවා. මේක ඕනෑම ජංගම දුරකථන ජාලයකට පාවිච්චි කරන්න පුළුවන්.

Yarl IT Hub


During my last visit to Jaffna, on the invitation of Ms Gowri Ananthan, one of the founder members of Yarl IT Hub of Jaffna, I had the pleasure of attending the Yarl IT Hub’s January 2013 meeting with my friend Wasantha Wijewardhana. The event was held on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at IIS (Institute of Informatics Studies) City Campus.

Gowri is trying to make a prototype under the name of Himalaya Creations, so that there would be a proof of success and it could give courage for others to come back and form an industry in Jaffna, Gowri believes.

She further says that the Silicon Valley / an Industry will not form by itself, and someone should work on it. As per the vision states, Yarl IT Hub is formed to make Jaffna the next Silicon Valley.

There were around 50 youth at the meeting, mostly from ICT institutes in Jaffna. The organization’s vision is “To make Jaffna the next Silicon Valley.”  There is nothing wrong in dreaming big.


This is the agenda of the meeting.

  1. Introduction to mobile computing

Presenter: Bala

Team Lead

  1. Student answers to 4 questions with respect to future of mobile computing – Gowthami from IIS
  1. Introduction to Android Programming

Presenter: Vanjikumaran

Senior Software Engineer

  1. Augmented Reality

Presenter: Vimal

Senior Software Engineer

Demo: Sujeewan (Demonstrated his final year under graduate project)

  1. Arimaa team update – on the progress of the implementation of their concept)

Presenter: Jayakrishnan Rajagopalasarma (Leader of the team which won Yarl Geek   Challenge – Season 1)

  1. Yarl IT Hub Update

Presenter: Sarveswaran


We listened to the first 4 presentations and out of them only the first two sessions were in English. I wished the rest of the programs also would be in English. But if the youth are more comfortable with Tamil, presenting in Tamil can be justified. I found the participants’ English was good enough though.


The presenters were very energetic and knew their subject areas well and the attendees also were very enthusiastic and actively participated in the sessions.

Their blog is quite resourceful and you can download past presentation slides and articles as well. I think they should also upload the presentations of the January event also as quickly as possible.

It is high time that Refresh Colombo people invited members of Yarl IT Hub for their presentations and vise versa. We can achieve a lot together.

Please find the photo album of the meet up at In case you cannot access it, please join the group at so that you can access it.

My New Laptop, Singer SINX-243AT

Singer SINX-243AT model

Singer SINX-243AT model

I have been using laptops since 2002. During all these years I have been given laptops as gifts or received them from my workplaces. But as my last job assignment was over a few weeks ago, I had to buy a laptop myself. I went to several stores and checked the prices. At last I decided to buy a Singer laptop. You would be surprised of my decision as Singer is not the best of brands for laptops or any electronic item for that matter but I stuck with them simply because they offered me an easy payment scheme. I was not known to any other sellers and they wanted salary sheets, guarantors, etc. which I could not provide since I was without a job and was waiting for my next. So, Singer was my savior and I bought a Singer SINX-243AT model laptop. Its cash price was 44,999 LKR but with the interest it cost me around 56,000 LKR. I don’t repent as it came as a blessing since I could only afford 15,000 LKR as the down payment.

It has the following features.

• Intel Celeron ULV 847 Dual Core Processor


• 320GB Hard Disk

• 14″ Display

• DVD Writer

• Wifi / Bluetooth

• 1.3MP Camera

• Intel® NM10 Express Chipset

• Intel® Graphics Video Controller

• High Definition Audio Interface

• 2 x Built-In Speakers

• Built-In Microphone

• Built In Touch Pad with Multi-Gesture And Scrolling Function

• External Monitor Port (VGA)

• RJ-45 LAN Jack

• 3 x USB 2.0 Ports

• Multi-In-1 Card Reader

• Microphone-In Jack

• Headphone-Out Jack

• No OS (Purchase Genuine Windows 7 Starter Edition Or Home Premium Or Professional)

• Carrying Bag

The laptop didn’t come with an operating system and I had to pay an extra 750 LKR to get a Windows Ultimate pirated copy installed. It works fine and it allows me to download all the Windows updates as well. They also installed Microsoft Office 2007 for me. I installed Avira free antivirus.

Performance of the machine is fine. It gave me a problem with its DVD tray within the first week but it was resolved by itself and is in fine working order now. I mainly do web browsing and writing with MS word and do some work with Adobe Photoshop. So far everything is fine with it. Few advised me against buying a Singer laptop but I don’t regret the decision I made.

How easy is it to use Dialog easy cash?

Dialog eZ Cash Poster

Dialog eZ Cash Poster

I registered with Dialog easy cash the first time I heard of it. But I did not use it till the last month as there was no necessity. Now that I have used it once I think I should share the experience with you.

My niece sent me 1,500 LKR to my mobile to be given to her mother (my eldest sister) for an emergency. As it was already past 7 pm and most of the eZ cash shops were closed, I waited till next day to get the money through eZ cash and instead gave my sister money which I had with me.

Few days later I went to collect the money which came through eZ cash. I went to a phone shop which had the eZ cash logo in it and tried to get the money. But I found that my PIN was not matching with the PIN which was in the Dialog system. This surprised me as I put a PIN that I cannot forget. Then I asked the boy in the shop if I can get a new PIN by calling Dialog hotline. He answered in the negative and advised me to go to a Dialog Arcade and get a new PIN. So, I had to come back home as there was no Arcade close by.

But later I found that this was totally wrong information and I could easily get a new PIN by simply calling Dialog hotline. Having taken a new PIN I went to another shop with eZ cash logo and the boy there told me that I cannot take money and only send money since he doesn’t have money in the drawer. This was disappointing. I went to 4 other shops and all of them repeated the answer given by the first shop. Luckily, I was walking. Imagine the hardship if someone had to park a vehicle and walk into all 5 shops and get the negative answer!

I went to the 6th shop, the one I had the PIN problem in, and he told me that I could get money without a problem. I got 1,000 LKR and he deducted 20 rupees. That was not a big amount considering the relative ease compared to a bank that would ask for paperwork and confirming identity unless one has access to an ATM. There was no paperwork at any stage of the transaction from the registration. This was a big relief.

I think Dialog has to work on some scheme to solve the problem of eZ cash phone shops not having sufficient money with some kind of practical solution lest it would reduce the customers’ faith in the scheme.

There are a lot of plus sides with eZ cash such as sending and receiving money, buying stuff, paying Dialog bills and utility bills, etc. This works even during holidays.

Dialog eZ cash has to evolve further to bring the maximum benefits to the customer. Initiation is attractive and innovative. Hope this will branch out to more areas in transactions.

A Paternoster, an Old-fashioned Elevator in the Ceylon Electricity Board Headquarters

Paternoster at CEB Headquarters, Colombo

I visited the headquarters of the Ceylon Electricity Board at Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha to meet an official there. This was my first visit to the institution and after the affairs at the reception I was asked to go to the 6th floor.

I went searching for the elevator but I found a strange elevator-like thing there instead of an easy to use elevator. (Later I heard from Mr. K. K. S. Dasanayake, the Deputy General Manager of CEB that this thing is called a “paternoster.” The paternoster had two rooms – one going up and one going down. One has to get into it while it is still moving. I am a guy who is very reluctant to get into an escalator. So, imagine the excitement I had while getting into a moving paternoster. Before getting into this, I studied how few people managed to get into it and asked a person how to go about it. He made me relaxed and said even small kids get into this easily (though it is not advisable for kids to use this.)

Paternoster at CEB Headquarters, Colombo

I got into it and the next problem was getting off of it in the 6th floor. I was more excited and someone in the paternoster told me to hold the handle well while getting off. Only two people can go in one cubicle at once and the paternoster has a chain of about 20 cubicles travelling one after the other. The same cubicles return to the downward travel once they go above the top-most floor (7th). Similarly they return to the upward travel once the come below the first floor.

With all the excitement I managed to go to the desired floor and met Mr. Bandula S. Tilakasena, the Additional General Manager of the CEB and the first thing I asked him was not about what I visited him for. I asked about the paternoster and both he and Mr. Dasanayake gave me a lot of information about it. According to them this is the only paternoster available in Sri Lanka and there are a few left in the whole world. You can read more about them in the Wikipedia page about paternoster by clicking this link. According to Wikipedia, a few people have died while using paternosters. (Few people have died while using elevators too.)

Since my phone batter was almost dead I could not take few pictures of the paternoster and when I asked the polite telephone operator Ms. Dilini Kariyawasam to get me a photograph or two, she promised to send me some pictures. She had emailed me the pictures you see in this page within few minutes. (Who did ever say that government servants are not efficient?)

I could get down after the meeting with no limbs broken and my problem now is that I have to go there once again to collect some videos from Mr. Tilakasena. I keep postponing this due to fear on using the paternoster but I have to do it within next couple of days.

Windows, Apple, Linux and Me

I have been using Microsoft OS’s since 1999. First I worked with Microsoft Windows 95. Later I found a laptop with Microsoft Windows 3.1 and kind of enjoyed it. Next was Windows 98 which I used for quite some time even after the advent of Microsoft Millennium Edition. Then came the XP I revere most even today. My relationship with Microsoft Vista was too short and now I am using Windows 7 but don’t see much innovations there compared to Windows XP. Now I am waiting for Windows 8 to come. Hope at least that will bring some features that would take the world by storm.

I have used Apple Mac with Mr. Donald Gaminitillake in 2000. I learnt Photoshop and my first web designing lessons from Mr. Gaminitillake with his computer. He had a Japanese OS of Mac and I had to fight a hard battle to learn with it as I didn’t know any Japanese. But I was able to design the first version of Horizon website with a Mac with his support.

My love affair with Linux is with a lot of disturbances. I went to Ubuntu website and ordered free CDs and they reached me but I was scared to install it as I thought Windows would be affected. 3 CDs went into waste.

Next Revantha Udugampola gave me a used PC and a CD with Ubuntu OS while I was in Badulla in mid-2006. I ran it as a live CD and worked a little but not convinced to install it as the default OS. I was scared to install it with dual boot option as I thought Windows would be affected.

Anuruddha Rathnaweera and the company of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) visited Horizon Lanka on October 21, 22, 2006 and did several lessons on Linux and related software but I was not convinced to go up to an extent of installing Linux at Horizon’s computers. But some students mastered the game and use FOSS even today.

Danishka Navin of Sinhala Firefox fame wanted to send me a Hanthana Linux version when I was in Anuradhapura but the CD never reached me as something happened when it went to a friend’s friend and got lost on the way. He again brought me a DVD after I came to Colombo and I tried to install it in a laptop with Windows Vista but it never permitted me to install it. I tried several times and gave it up.

I brought the laptop to Colombo and again tried to install it with a friend of mine who is a Linux user for some time but the DVD was missing this time and there was only the DVD case with me. I can’t remember where I left the DVD.

Yesterday, since there was a Refresh Colombo event in Colombo and I decided to attend, I left few messages in Twitter asking any attendee to bring me a Linux or Ubuntu DVD as that laptop was giving some problems. It would take a long time to boot up and will give funny responses to my commands. I wanted to reinstall the shift to another OS.

Gaveen Prabhasara ‏@gaveen had seen my tweet and promised to send me a copy of Linux with Jude Fernando @judesfernando. I collected the set of CDs from Jude at the Refresh Colombo event. Gaveen had sent me Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora OS’s and I tried to install Mint but it stuck on the way. Then I tried Ubuntu and it worked perfectly well. But Alas! The keys in QWERTY line of the keyboard didn’t work this time. The problem persisted even before I installed Ubuntu but I though it will be solved with the new OS. Now I have to wait till the keyboard is repaired to use Ubuntu. I feel that though I like Linux, Linux doesn’t like me.

Refresh Colombo – June Meet Up

I was first introduced to Refresh Colombo meet up by Udara Dharmasena in 2010. RC invited me to do a presentation on Horizon Lanka. It was a good idea for the twitter community meet in person and share knowledge.

I attended yesterday’s RC meeting at Royal College Skills Center. There were around 100 people. Majority was the Muslim boys. There was a Muslim girl too. This is encouraging. Majority was young but there were few people in the mid-40s too. Venerable Mettavihari Thero of LEARN TV and Open Source fame also attended the event. I met some of the friends whom I befriended at the first meet up and they shook hands with me but I cannot remember who was who as all of them had beards.

The topics lined up for the meeting were interesting.

How the US Government use Social media in South Asia      region – by Mr. Jonathan Henick (Director,      Press and Public Diplomacy for South and Central Asia U.S. Department of State)

Mr. Jonathan explained how sensitive the US Government to the social media and how the US Government responds to them. The subsequent Q & A session was interesting as many questioned were raised on whether the US Government “spies on” social media. Mr. Jonathan said there is no CIA behind social media and asked to feel free to express over the social media.

SSL Strip (A live demo) & Internet Safety – by Azker & Irfad

I am not a technical person but Azker and Irfad were able to teach me how the hackers can sneak into insecure websites and hack the data. They demonstrated how vulnerable Sampath Bank’s e-banking website and according to them, Commercial Bank’s website is also no better.

Simplifying User Experience – how we approached ZoomBA – by Bud & Jude

Well, this was not my cup of tea as I am not a programmer. I didn’t understand most of the presentation except for the last few screenshots. Duo did a good job.

How to run a Television Channel using Open Source      Software – by Kosala      & Ruchika
This presentation was postponed to next month due to time constraints. In      fact, my main interest was this presentation. I will be there for the next meet up also.

Overall, the idea behind RC is very progressive and we can learn a lot from the topics discussed at these events. I think most of the people attended looked geeks with their queer beard styles. Presence of young ladies is a good sign and more women should take this up more seriously.